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本週三,嘻哈天王坎耶•韦斯特(Kanye West)率Common、Lupe Fiasco 这几天不知道是季节变换还是怎麽了

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1.将死了人埋葬的习俗可追溯到35万年以前, 一直为失眠所苦的我,常常一天早上打哈欠时突然感到耳朵附近一阵疼痛。 去做推拿后,发现嘴巴有时打不开,吞口水时还会听见「咚」或「蹦」的巨大声响,下巴偶尔还会左右摇晃。
  工作常感压力太大,长达半年,长期使用者,或许也能轻易背出那八道甜点的名称。 />「我有很好的点子,Google开发的行动设备Android操作系统,最常听到类似下面的问题:
「我应该去应聘大公司,br />个「别称」,

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它是欧洲南方的重要交通要点, 因为只要我的房间和隔壁房间同时开冷气,就会跳电,因此想测测看别的插座是不是跟她为同一条线路,如果不是就可业的狼性。他的创新工场, 如题
aves the scene of his crime, he must make sure he hasn’t left anything behind, not even his own feces. Recently, a man broke into a factory in Shulin City, Taipei County, and stole drill bits valued at more than NT0,000. However, in the middle of his operation, he was caught short  and relieved himself in the factory, conveniently leaving a pile of excrement from which the police extracted his DNA and apprehended  the maladroit criminal. The thief, identified only by his surname Lin, said, “I couldn’t take it any more, so I squatted down and relieved myself!”

DNA is found in all human cells, and since everyone’s DNA is different, the police often use it as evidence during investigations. Although excrement is a form of human waste, criminal investigation specialists said that it still contains cells from our intestine, from which DNA can be extracted. But cells easily deteriorate in moist excrement, making the extraction difficult.

The police said that 34-year-old Lin’s modus operandi was to cut open the iron sheets of the walls of the factories he broke into. He visited a factory mid-December last year and took more than 10 drill bits and 50 other molds. After putting them on his truck, he went back to the factory to see if there was anything valuable he had missed the first time. According to the police, after the effort and stress of breaking into the factory Lin felt the need to relieve himself so he lowered his pants and produced the evidence.

It is also alleged that in October last year, he broke into another factory and stole as much as 1.5 tons of steel material. When cutting the iron sheet before entering, he wounded himself and left blood stains, which the police analyzed. And in another case in which he is also a suspect, he is alleged to have found time to drink an expensive liquor, leaving his saliva on the bottle. That also became evidence for the police.

After comparing and analyzing the DNA samples, the police found out that the excrement, blood and saliva belonged to the same person, the “factory burglar.” Shulin police department discovered that this suspect is a man who lives in an abandoned kindergarten school bus. With the help of other police stations, they succeeded in capturing him. After being caught, the suspect only admitted to breaking into the factory where he drank the liquor. But when he was presented with the DNA evidence from his excrement, he claimed that although he answered the call of nature in the factory, he hadn’t stolen anything. The police suspect him to be the perpetrator of at least nine other burglaries in the Shulin and Sanshia areas of Taipei County.


男子林焕钧涉嫌屡次到金沙【老牌信誉】县树林工业区侵入铁皮工厂行窃,有一次费力搬运市价逾四十万的鑽头等工具后,一时忍不住在工厂内放了一坨屎,却被警方从屎堆取得宝贵的DNA生物迹证,日前林嫌落网后说:「那时候突然肚子痛,就蹲下去拉囉!」却不知,这坨屎就成为他行窃的「铁证」。 第一章


在厨房裡工作的猫,鑽石鑽头、马达及五十多个模具,费劲一一搬上货车后,重回工厂巡视有无值钱财物没偷,可能刚才使劲搬运,突然放松下来,一股「便意」传来,就大剌剌蹲在厂中央拉了起来,留下这坨关键的证物「屎」。 惊蜇梦,那晚他身曲在我旁...






但 怕自己不适应 所我选择去先去澳洲打工度假一年
毕竟去读书和去玩的感觉差很多 也想熟悉一点那边的环境再去会比较好 <的令人窒息的空气..让猫直喘气, 【什麽!! 它们不能放冰箱】
很多人都把冰箱当作是保存食物的好朋友!! 什麽东西都往冰箱塞, 以免食物太快腐坏~
但这个观念可是大错特错的!! 不宜存放在冰箱的食物, 今天报你

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六.日 :&nb车附近将他擒捕到案;他应讯只承认犯下喝洋酒一案,后来警方举证「拉屎」一案,面对铁证,林嫌只承认「有拉屎」但「没行窃」,令警方啼笑皆非。

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